Columbia Power receives first European patent

Columbia Power is proud to announce receipt of our first European patent. The Patent No. EP299023 titled “Direct Drive Wave Energy Conversion” is CPower’s 14th patent worldwide and covers the StingRAY direct-drive wave-power system. The StingRAY, intended for utility-scale applications, uses two floats to capture wave energy and two rotary permanent-magnet generators to convert the energy into electricity. Each float is directly coupled to its own generator, which enables a single energy-capture/conversion cycle, providing both high-efficiency and reliability.

A land-based test of the novel generator and air-gap control system is currently underway at the National Wind Technology Center in Colorado, USA. The rotary generator has a diameter of over 6m with a 4mm rotor-stator air-gap. A large-scale StingRAY will be deployed at the US Navy’s Wave Energy Test Site in Hawaii, USA in 2018.