Columbia Power has developed the “RAY” series of floating, wave power systems for a variety of marine applications; from energy generation and storage for oceanographic sensors and unmanned underwater vehicles to production of baseload energy supply. Columbia Power’s novel, proprietary design efficiently converts energy from offshore ocean waves using a ruggedized and reliable system that can generate significantly more energy and less expensively compared to competing technologies.

Our products, applications and power ranges include:

  • DataRAY for marine sensor and sensor arrays (<1kW)
  • EagleRAY for unmanned underwater vehicles (1-5kW)
  • StingRAY for utility-scale needs (>500kW)

For lower power applications, the DataRAY and EagleRAY offer fast payback through autonomous operation and a persistent presence. Both systems offer substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership by avoiding expensive and time-consuming labor and vessel time for recovery/recharge/redeploy cycles. Both products can carry their own payload, provide communications and data storage functions, and be moored or free-floating.

For the utility-scale market, the StingRAY represents the state-of-the-art for wave power systems.  It’s unique combination of a non-corrosive composite structure, simple direct-drive operation and wide operating range promises to deliver a competitive cost of energy.

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