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Columbia Power Technologies: Clean Renewable Energy from Ocean Waves

Columbia Power (C·Power) is the worldwide leader in direct-drive wave energy systems. Our patented system is scalable. It can be sized and deployed in a wide range of applications from powering oceanographic sensors to generating megawatt-scale electricity. We are commercializing a next-generation solution that will deliver the qualities that our customers need to develop profitable wave energy projects: survivability, a competitive cost of energy and a low environmental and stakeholder impact.


We have one of the longest sea trials on record with demonstrated high availability and a strong capacity factor. Our system is designed for a long service life and to operate offshore in the widest range of sea conditions without shutting down in heavy seas or storms.

Cost Effective

Our approach to delivering a competitive cost of energy includes innovative design solutions, such as a non-corrosive composite structure and highly-efficient direct-drive generators.

Low Impact

We are committed to commercializing a system with the lowest stakeholder and environmental impact possible. New advances, like our reduced-impact mooring system, demonstrate this commitment.

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